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What a beautiful morning!

Thick layer of some low cloud resulted some beautiful orange high cloud. What a beautiful morning!
( iPhone Photo – HDR Pro)


Run run run

First time to do morning run/walk. It is so nice outside but too distracting. So many distractions along the way. I am glad I still able to finish the 5k run/walk. Okay, more walk than run. Just baby steps to more healthier life.




Cloudy sky

Cloudy sky in Albuquerque
You will never see this type of cloudy sky in San Francisco. What are some awesome cloud formation in the sky!!!!
(iPhone Photos – HDR Pro)


Glasses Beach

Glass Beach in Mendocino county. Long drive and disappointed with no glasses. :-(
However, it’s a decent places for rocky beach wave photography. Nikon photos to follow.



Sky on Fire

It was looking to be a thick clouded morning with grey sky. The sun did it’s magic trick & lit the sky on fire
(iPhone Photo)


Twilight Beauty

Even without DSLR, iPhone pano still able pull a twilight beauty of the bay. Moon is quietly doing an early rising too
(iPhone Pano)



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