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Storm passed and raindrops still hang on. Flowers survived for another day.
(iPhone Photos)


Plant or Flower?

In this wet & gray day, it need some colors to bright it up.
(iPhone Photo)
Is it plant or flower?


Good morning

Enjoying the nice weather before next wave of rain arrives here tomorrow.
(iPhone Photo)


Autumn Afternoon

One lazy Autumn afternoon in San Francisco.
(iPhone Photo)


Night Reflection

Night reflection photos of Ferry Building . If there’s tripod, photo will be sharper. Exposure 1 sec handheld. Not too bad.
(iPhone Photo)


Calm Bay

Calm Bay in twilight hours. Ferry is ready bring commuters back to their warm home.
(iPhone Photo)


It’s back

We were fortunately to have a few days of unseasonal hot weather. Just like my wife said, we almost never have more than 3 days of hot/dry weather.
Well, it’s back. Say hello to normal San Francisco weather.
(iPhone Photo)


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