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Spring Cleansing

Spring Cleansing
Taking a bath to clean up all the winter buildups.
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Spring blossom

Spring in full bloom. Plum pink blossom every where in SF. These were taken yesterday when weather was so much better.
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Unknown plant with pink outer layer and very distinct pattern on leaf.
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Peach Blossom

Peach Blossom
One of the lucky flowers for Chinese New Year is peach flowers. When you heard Chinese said this guy have lots of peach blossom luck (桃花运), its generally referring there are lots girls around Him. People usually mistaken peach blossom luck refers only to romantic relationship. Peach blossom also means good luck and can help increase luck all relationship.

This one is my homegrown peach tree from last year. It’s slowly get into blossom stage.
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Peaceful Twilight by the Bay

Peaceful Twilight – the calm before the rain.
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Cortex Cam – new app

Testing out new photo app, Cortex Cam. It’s currently free in AppStore. Pretty good with minimal noise.
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Not the iPhone type but it fits the name
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