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What a beautiful morning!

Thick layer of some low cloud resulted some beautiful orange high cloud. What a beautiful morning!
( iPhone Photo – HDR Pro)



Good Days Ahead

Starting last evening, the clouds and sky were becoming interesting. This is today’s morning view. If I have more time and bring out my DSLR, it will be more of dramatic capture.
(iPhoneography – HDR)


Different View

Due to postponed dinner time, I had an extra hour to spare yesterday. I walked around in nearby Golden Gate Park. I found this unknown lake or may be just a bigger pond. Nothing really special standout. Before walk way, I decide to take a different and very low angle to see this pond. Here was what I saw. I was so glad I remembered the article that taught me to see thing from different angles. Isn’t it same in life? Take a different approach and may yield unexpected result.
(iPhone Photo – ProHDR)


Lands End

One of newer renovate parks in San Francisco within Golden Gate National Recreational area. Better steps to walk down the ocean level and historic site of Sutro Bath. And the newly built “green” visitor center. Its windy on a sunny late afternoon but it’s nice to see this area is being rebuilt. and enjoy an hour of free time.
(iPhone Photos)





Cloudy morning

One more sunrise from hotel window. Cloud decide to show up early and created an amazing view.
(iPhone Photo)


River View

Morning river view from New Orleans
(iPhone Photo)


Peaceful Twilight by the Bay

Peaceful Twilight – the calm before the rain.
(iPhone Photo)


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