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SF night

Nice clear night sky in San Francisco recently. It’s perfect time for some night photos (iPhone Photos)






Bay Bridge – iPhone view

I was stay late at work for a few nights. I considered this nice view as own bonus. I took it with my iPhone’s apps (Long Expo). The app is very capable to take long exposures photos, however too much crashes to my taste. May be your phone will have less crash.


Panoramic view

Panoramic twilight view of bridge.
(iPhone Photo)



BirdsĀ are watching as dense fog is taking over Bay Bridge.
(iPhone Photo)



Another late night from work. Well, at least I get to see the Lighting on the Bay Bridge. I was told it will be fully installed & functional in March.
It’s a treat to see the lighting dancing on the bridge’s suspension cables.
(iPhone Photo)

House Special

Have you ever been to Chinese restaurant? Each restaurant will have what they called “House Special” plate. It is usually random available items in the kitchen. I am too lazy or run out of idea to think of name for the post today, i thought House Special sounds good.

Random San Francisco subjects and views captured in iPhone this week.
(iPhone Photos)20130124-075809.jpg20130124-075802.jpg20130124-075817.jpg20130124-080516.jpg


MagicShutter apps
Some of you might remember that I compared Magic Shutter to Nightcap on function in my older post. The MS night photo wasn’t that good in my last test. I tried MS again for its shutter function. Turns out, it is pretty nice to capture silky water movement even during daylight. Bay water today was moving a little choppy due to tide & wind. But in my photo, it is silky smooth. What do you think? I definitely will play around this app more to see what else it can do. Next goal, will try to shot morning photo in rocky beach.
(iPhone Photo – taken with Magic Shutter with 15sec.)


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