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What a beautiful morning!

Thick layer of some low cloud resulted some beautiful orange high cloud. What a beautiful morning!
( iPhone Photo – HDR Pro)



Too bad, I wasn’t here during sunrise. I am sure with this cloud pattern, sunrise photo will be dramatic. Let’s wake up earlier. (iPhone Photo)


My type of morning

My type of morning
Chilly morning, nice pattern of white cloud, and blue but windless sky. And then just wait for Mother nature to do it’s magic light show.
(iPhone Photo)


Cloudy morning

One more sunrise from hotel window. Cloud decide to show up early and created an amazing view.
(iPhone Photo)


Sunrise before rain season

Another morning with great sunrise. Best to enjoy it before season of rains coming next week.
(iPhone Photo – ProHDR)


Fire in the Sky

Today’s Sunrise. Fire in the Sky
iPhone photo has too much noise than i like. Maybe my D7000 will have better quality photos. More to come tonight.
(iPhone Photo)


Tic Tac Toe

Anyone wanna play?


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