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Falling Out

Mass leafs were falling out after heavy overnight rain. Only this one caught my attention.
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Autumn Harvest

They may be leftover grapes from winery’s last harvest long ago. They are still flexing their most beautiful purple in Fall’s last sunshine before Winter arrives in the valley. They are doing their last effort to be noticed. They may not be ever noticed by fruit pickers or others, but they’re the perfect Napa Autumn’s harvest to me.
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Beauty of Autumn color is all over the place. Look around, you may be surprise.
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Beauty of Autumn Color

Beauty of Autumn Color

San Francisco always had it backward. Extremely hot (SF standard) when Autumn supposedly to be cool and peaceful. Can’t wait to find a place that feels like and looks like East Coast’s autumn. So i can enjoy mass foliage in a real autumn.

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First sign of Fall

Fall is creeping in quietly. You have to look very hard to find its trail.


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