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What a beautiful morning!

Thick layer of some low cloud resulted some beautiful orange high cloud. What a beautiful morning!
( iPhone Photo – HDR Pro)



Sky on Fire

It was looking to be a thick clouded morning with grey sky. The sun did it’s magic trick & lit the sky on fire
(iPhone Photo)



Not the iPhone type but it fits the name
(iPhone Photo)


New Week

It will be a great day. I am rest up and ready for another busy week.
(iPhone Photo)



MagicShutter apps
Some of you might remember that I compared Magic Shutter to Nightcap on function in my older post. The MS night photo wasn’t that good in my last test. I tried MS again for its shutter function. Turns out, it is pretty nice to capture silky water movement even during daylight. Bay water today was moving a little choppy due to tide & wind. But in my photo, it is silky smooth. What do you think? I definitely will play around this app more to see what else it can do. Next goal, will try to shot morning photo in rocky beach.
(iPhone Photo – taken with Magic Shutter with 15sec.)



I am standout because I am Red.
(iPhone Photo)


Don’t be shy!!

Come on, don’t be shy. Don’t hide in the dark.


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