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Cloudy sky

Cloudy sky in Albuquerque
You will never see this type of cloudy sky in San Francisco. What are some awesome cloud formation in the sky!!!!
(iPhone Photos – HDR Pro)



Cloudy morning

One more sunrise from hotel window. Cloud decide to show up early and created an amazing view.
(iPhone Photo)


Burning Sky

Burning Sky from deck. Love the view. It marks start of another great day.
(iPhone Photo – ProHDR)


Sunrise before rain season

Another morning with great sunrise. Best to enjoy it before season of rains coming next week.
(iPhone Photo – ProHDR)


Fire in the Sky

Today’s Sunrise. Fire in the Sky
iPhone photo has too much noise than i like. Maybe my D7000 will have better quality photos. More to come tonight.
(iPhone Photo)


Tic Tac Toe

Anyone wanna play?


High above sky

Not your average clouds. I notice cloud pattern is. Dry different in Asia countries than in Bay Area in US. Asia clouds have more dramatic looks and more ‘pop’ effect. May be it has do with weather.
(iPhone Photo)

Asia clouds
Non Asia Cloud

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