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SF night

Nice clear night sky in San Francisco recently. It’s perfect time for some night photos (iPhone Photos)





Bay Bridge – iPhone view

I was stay late at work for a few nights. I considered this nice view as own bonus. I took it with my iPhone’s apps (Long Expo). The app is very capable to take long exposures photos, however too much crashes to my taste. May be your phone will have less crash.


Panoramic view

Panoramic twilight view of bridge.
(iPhone Photo)


Peaceful Twilight by the Bay

Peaceful Twilight – the calm before the rain.
(iPhone Photo)


Cortex Cam – new app

Testing out new photo app, Cortex Cam. It’s currently free in AppStore. Pretty good with minimal noise.
(iPhone Photo)20130207-182739.jpg
Edited with PS express, combined in ProHDR


Another late night from work. Well, at least I get to see the Lighting on the Bay Bridge. I was told it will be fully installed & functional in March.
It’s a treat to see the lighting dancing on the bridge’s suspension cables.
(iPhone Photo)

Candle light

Woke up middle of night yesterday and found out I forgot to put out the candle. Looking at the candle light, I felt the moment were peaceful and warm.

(iPhone photo)


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