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Common iris but still yields beautiful colors.



SF night

Nice clear night sky in San Francisco recently. It’s perfect time for some night photos (iPhone Photos)





Good Days Ahead

Starting last evening, the clouds and sky were becoming interesting. This is today’s morning view. If I have more time and bring out my DSLR, it will be more of dramatic capture.
(iPhoneography – HDR)


Different View

Due to postponed dinner time, I had an extra hour to spare yesterday. I walked around in nearby Golden Gate Park. I found this unknown lake or may be just a bigger pond. Nothing really special standout. Before walk way, I decide to take a different and very low angle to see this pond. Here was what I saw. I was so glad I remembered the article that taught me to see thing from different angles. Isn’t it same in life? Take a different approach and may yield unexpected result.
(iPhone Photo – ProHDR)


Wild Daisy

I remembered when I was in elementary school, there used have a chapter about power of seed. Seed can survive most of adversity and just need a little water.
I found these wild daisy grows underneath school yard’s benches. I can imagine it only receives minimal amount of mist from fog and drips from beach. Look, its not only alive and get to show off these colorful flowers.
We should learn from nature, Livestrong!



Sailing anyone? American Cup style.

iPhoneography lesson of the day:
Never use digital zoom no matter how tempting. Noise level is beyond repair with nose reduction apps.


Morning Glory

Morning Glory, what a wonderful name for these lovely flowers!



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