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Run run run

First time to do morning run/walk. It is so nice outside but too distracting. So many distractions along the way. I am glad I still able to finish the 5k run/walk. Okay, more walk than run. Just baby steps to more healthier life.





Twilight Beauty

Even without DSLR, iPhone pano still able pull a twilight beauty of the bay. Moon is quietly doing an early rising too
(iPhone Pano)


Sunset meets Moonrise

Something you don’t see everyday. Late sunset and early moonrise in the same time.(iPhone Photo)



Too bad, I wasn’t here during sunrise. I am sure with this cloud pattern, sunrise photo will be dramatic. Let’s wake up earlier. (iPhone Photo)


SF night

Nice clear night sky in San Francisco recently. It’s perfect time for some night photos (iPhone Photos)





Bay Bridge – iPhone view

I was stay late at work for a few nights. I considered this nice view as own bonus. I took it with my iPhone’s apps (Long Expo). The app is very capable to take long exposures photos, however too much crashes to my taste. May be your phone will have less crash.


Different View

Due to postponed dinner time, I had an extra hour to spare yesterday. I walked around in nearby Golden Gate Park. I found this unknown lake or may be just a bigger pond. Nothing really special standout. Before walk way, I decide to take a different and very low angle to see this pond. Here was what I saw. I was so glad I remembered the article that taught me to see thing from different angles. Isn’t it same in life? Take a different approach and may yield unexpected result.
(iPhone Photo – ProHDR)


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